Robert White, Jr., At Large

Robert White, Jr. At Large DC Map 93% Previous Score:

Councilmember Robert White’s votes on 2018 legislation:

Votes marked in red were the wrong direction for DC.

  1. Supported removing criminal penalties for people who don’t pay Metro fare
  2. Opposed amendment maintaining criminal penalties for people who don’t pay Metro fare
  3. Supported overriding the Mayor’s veto of #1 on this list
  4. Supported additional translation resources in schools and government services
  5. Opposed funding to end homelessness with new revenue from online sales taxes
  6. Opposed Initiative 77 repeal—which silenced DC voters and maintained the $3.89/hour “tipped wage”
  7. Supported a compromise amendment on Initiative 77, which would have raised the $3.89/hour “tipped wage” for at least some employees
  8. Opposed letting debt collectors take money out of more people’s paychecks
  9. Supported more public restrooms downtown
  10. Supported requiring more notice to tenants in the event of an eviction
  11. Supported limits on rent increases for rent-controlled apartments when new tenants move in
  12. Supported closing rent-control loophole that allowed landlords to manipulate rent hikes
  13. Supported high-quality childcare for all families and expanding health services for low-income parents and their babies
  14. Supported 100% clean energy in DC by 2032
  15. Supported a ban on campaign contributions from corporations that contract with the DC government