Anita Bonds, At Large

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Councilmember Anita Bonds’s votes on 2018 legislation:

Votes marked in red were the wrong direction for DC.

  1. Supported removing criminal penalties for people who don’t pay Metro fare (B22-0408)
  2. Opposed amendment maintaining criminal penalties for people who don’t pay Metro fare (B22-0408)
  3. Supported overriding the Mayor’s veto of #1 on this list (B22-0408)
  4. Supported additional translation resources in schools and government services (B22-0075)
  5. Opposed funding to end homelessness with new revenue from online sales taxes (B22-0914)
  6. Supported Initiative 77 repeal—which silenced DC voters and maintained the $3.89/hour “tipped wage” (B22-0913)
  7. Opposed a compromise amendment on Initiative 77, which would have raised the $3.89/hour “tipped wage” for at least some employees (B22-0913)
  8. Supported letting debt collectors take money out of more people’s paychecks (B22-0572)
  9. Supported more public restrooms downtown (B22-0223)
  10. Supported requiring more notice to tenants in the event of an eviction (B22-0809)
  11. Supported limits on rent increases for rent-controlled apartments when new tenants move in (B22-0025)
  12. Supported closing rent-control loophole that allowed landlords to manipulate rent hikes (B22-0999)
  13. Supported high-quality childcare for all families and expanding health services for low-income parents and their babies (B22-0203)
  14. Supported 100% clean energy in DC by 2032 (B22-0904)
  15. Supported a ban on campaign contributions from corporations that contract with the DC government (B22-0107)